I was pleased

Made it to Pleasure Salon for the first time in quite a few months. One good bourbon in me and I was excitedly chatting with Erica the Engineer, who was making me feel like a major letch. Both of us have been out of each other’s orbits, but both agreed that we’d like to do some more stuff. We also floated the idea of a Kinky Study Group or something like that for NYC, since we’re both a bit too old for a lot of the other stuff that happens here. I need to watch that impulse though because, damn – it’s so much easier for me to spin out in thinking about sex than actually, you know, fucking, and a big part of what I’ve been trying to do in recent years is using my body as the vehicle for self understanding.

The Cineaste was there as well, looking cool and hot all at once. I realized that it’s been almost a year since I was in a hotel room with a bunch of other men all dressed in suits, as per her request, sliding my cock in and out of her talented mouth, loving the need in her eyes, until I shot all over her tits. I’ll never forget her smile as she wrapped her hand around the dick of next guy in line, intent on making the most of the collection of guys she had gathered. The scene took me back to when I used to suck off businessmen myself in a porn theater that used to be on 55th Street in Manhattan. I got to replay those memories later in the weekend when I coerced Sam, The Cineaste’s husband into fucking my mouth as a way of possibly getting into The Princess’s pants. Both she and I knew that it would never happen, but Sam was a little boozed up and not hard to convince, and she likes to watch guys go at it, and I was hungry for dick, especially supposedly straight dick, so the scenario worked out for all of us.

Pleasure Salon was also having Secret Dirty Santa or something, so I brought a gift and got one as well: an unfinished wooden paddle that’s more like an oar. Hurts like fuck, as I found out when The Princess used it on me a couple of times, and got me a lot of weird looks as I made my way home with it.

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