What’ll I stick it in now?

Almost a year ago, The Princess gave me a Maverick Sleeve from Babeland. It quickly became one of my favourite toys. I hauled it with me to Europe and to various events. I don’t know why a simple piece of silicon with a few fronds inside can feel so fucking good, but there you have it: a batch of lube inside it and I got real jerk off pleasure. I also like the easy wash and care aspect of it: I have a fleshlight but that takes a lot of extra effort to disassemble, clean dry and dust with corn starch to keep it from sticking to everything including itself. Plus the Maverick is blue and tight: it’s like buggering Papa Smurf.
The problem is, in my sad combination of tidiness and slovenliness, I cleaned the damn thing a couple of days ago and after letting it dry on the edge of my bathroom sink, decided that I needed to clean the sink itself. Since there are few uncluttered surfaces in the bathroom, I stuck the sleeve in the first place at hand: the radiator. It being the middle of the day, it was turned off at the time, but imagine my horror when I remembered about it today and went to find the sleeve slumped into the gap between radiator and wall. I peeled it free and found huge dents melted into the sides.
It’s the kind of carelessness that always makes me berate myself. Especially since money is a little tight and I can’t just go and get another one.
I’m going to have to get reacquainted with my naked hand.

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