Chastity, day 5…

I really wouldn’t have thought it would matter all that much.  But today I am three times horny horny horny, and the temptation to go to the bathroom and drop a quick load is making me fidget at my office desk.  It doesn’t help that the Princess is of course taunting me, now that she’s really gotten into the idea of controlling my orgasm.  In the midst of one of our exchanges I said to her “at least it’s a short wait, ” to which she shot back “How do you know when it’s going to end?”  That shut me up fast.  She’s clever that one.  And she has really sexy feet, which hopefully I’ll be worshiping this weekend… see, there I go again.

It is interesting to me that doing this has increased my feelings of submissiveness to her.  Or rather that I find my submissiveness to her more arousing.  In fact all images of submissiveness, of being controlled are a bit more hot button for me right now.  A friend writes about how he’ll be serving a mutual friend at MAL, and I’m hard the second I read the words.

Hopefully it’s just a day or two more to go.

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