What did she say exactly?

The Princess and I are rolling around in bed when the door to my apartment opens. It’s the cleaning lady and before she can turn the corner, I’m already yelling, suggesting that she come back in a little bit, like forty-five minutes or so. She takes my suggestion and backs out, leaving the Princess and I giggling on top of each other. Without much time, I move to get up to get dressed, and when I do, my hand brushes the inside of her thigh. She quickly clamps her legs together, trapping my hand with another little giggle.

I couldn’t resist; sliding my hand up, I found her cunt and slipped a finger inside. A few strokes and she was breathing heavily. Her hand found my cock, already hard. I quickened my pace and reached over to the nightstand. A couple of seconds later I had the Hitachi pressed up against her clit. She grabbed it out of my hand and went to work on herself. I got two fingers deep in her and felt her pussy spasming around them.

She cums loud sometimes, and this was one of those times: deep groans that had me worried about my landlord downstairs and checking the clock for the immanent return of the cleaning lady. When she finished my hand was drenched. With a sly look she reached again for my dick. I wanted badly to finish, and her hand felt perfect, but then I saw the clock again: there really wasn’t enough time.

With a groan I pulled back, rolled off the bed and grabbed for my pants. By now the Princess was lolling back on the pillows with a big grin on her face “Guess you can’t cum. I’d say I was sorry but I got mine.” I was a little pissed. “Too bad! You’ll just have to hold it.” I was dressed and the cleaning lady was back at the door. There was just enough time to get the vibrator put away and to rearrange the sheets.

We went out for brunch and for the rest of the day she taunted me with talk of chastity. We’re off to party this weekend, and a few references were made to me having to wait until then. I can’t say that I’m not intrigued. Even though we switch, it’s generally a good policy for me to do what ever she tells me. So even though nothing was spelled out explicitly, I’ve been keeping my hands to myself for the last couple of days.

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