Feet and Cake

He was at my feet. I pushed the well worn work boots into his face and told him to take them off. He got to work on the laces. The heavy boots thudded to the floor, and then Gabe was grabbing at my wool socks. The cool air flooded over my toes, quickly followed by the wet laving of his tongue. I settled back into my chair. Gabe’s eyes glittered as he pulled my toes into his mouth, moaning. I looked down on his lightly hairy body, his trimmed goatee and his eager cock. I reveled in the power I was feeling. We had first talked to each other years before online. There had been missed connections and canceled dates but his pleading had worn through, and now I loved the deference he showed me, the submissiveness combined with kinkiness. He wanted my feet, had wanted them for a while, but that was just the warm up. He’d made an additional request and that was what made me make sure that this date came off.

Now that he had them in his face, Gabe bit and licked my feet, wallowing in them. I let him move them all over his body. I ground my heel into his sternum. His tongue was thick between my toes. I don’t think of my self as such a foot top, but enthusiasm is infectious. The intensity with which he was focusing on my feet, made me focus on them more, and when I did that I was surprised by how sensitive they were, how much they liked the attention. But now it was time for the second act.

We laid out the tarp, and on it, the chocolate layer cake I’d picked up earlier that day from the speciality store. I shucked my jeans and knelt on either side of the cake. Slowly I settled my ass onto it. The feeling was incredible. Cake and cool frosting squeezed up my ass crack and around my balls. I was instantly hard. I rolled over onto my side and lifted my leg. Gabe dove between my legs and began eating the cake. He shoved his face between my cheeks, lapping and groaning with delight. Cake smeared around his mouth. He scooped up more of the squashed mess and slapped it between my cheeks, following it with his tongue. I felt a laugh building in my chest as I fed him. He was frenzied, biting, sucking, following every chocolate scrap. He pulled his rim seat, a black toilet seat on short legs, onto the tarp with us. I sat down and he slid underneath on his back.

The sorry remains of the cake were there on my left. His hand met mine as we both scraped the cardboard to get more. I took my handful and started stroking my cock. The frosting was thick and greasy, warming to liquid with the heat of our bodies and the friction. Gabe was coated from the neck up and he continued to drive his tongue deep into my ass. In the mean time my feet rested on his belly. I slid them down to either side of his dick. Immediately he started fucking between them. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. The precum leaking from the head of his cock made my soles slippery and his hips thrust eagerly. He gripped my thighs and slurped at my hole.

I couldn’t hold back. The sensations in my ass and feet joined those in my dick. I paused, found some more frosting and started jerking faster. Seconds later I threw my head back and shot. With my hand full of cum and chocolate goo and still seeing stars, I grabbed Gabe’s prick and wrapped my feet around it. He yelped and blew his load shooting up his belly and chest, almost up to his neck. I kept a tight hold on him and he began to shake, shudders running up and down his delicious body. His groans rumbled up through my ass and then his head fell back and I heard him sucking air. Gasping and still shivering, he slid down to clean the cake from my feet. I felt relaxed, happy. I raised the my hand to my face and began to lick the remaining muck from between my fingers.

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