The power of the Pocket

I’ve started spoiling the princess. I read in her writing that “I’m not the sort of girl who wears girly things, at least until now” and I get hard. This is a kind of dominance through gift giving, through controlling the appearance of another, the sadism of the makeover That’s the secret lure behind all of those shows. The lie is that it is about the self empowerment of improvement, but really what is going on is the making of individuals over into a type, and then forcing them to say that this is what they wanted all along. To be remade against our wills is hot. To make another into our image is hot – Jimmy Stewart topping Kim Novak in Vertigo – When The princess puts on the stockings and girdle I bought for her, when I remake her into a zaftig edwardian flirt, a thing I’ve seen in a picture, it’s hot.

The girls in high school, those princesses who never gave me the time of day. Now I have one of my own, and when I dominate her, it’s through putting her in that role, through spending my hard earned cash on her. You think that the sugar daddy is a sucker, led around by the nose by some pretty thing, ruining himself to fulfill her whims, but I know better.

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