She was a bad girl.

A bad baby sitter to be exact. I’d come home a little early, only to find her sprawled on the couch with my porn mags all around her, her fingers deep in her pussy. The shocked look on her face told me that she hadn’t been expecting me.
It’s what happens when you hire relatives. I’d suspected my niece of going through my stash of porn before, even though it’s pretty well hidden, so I figured that this time I’d make it a little easier for her by leaving some under the couch. Sure enough, my copy of “Pigtail Lesbians” was in her hand, open to a picture spread of two girls sixty-nining.

Well, there’s only one thing to do in a situation like that; as she dropped the magazine and reached for the pajama bottoms that were around her ankles, I stepped into the room and pulled her to her feet.

“What do you think you’re up to, young lady? Huh? Does any of this stuff belong to you? Did I give you permission to go through my things? Did I say you could frig yourself on my couch? Did I?” She blushed and stammered something about being sorry, and that it was the first time and that she wouldn’t again, and…

“Look at you! You’ve still got your hand in there! You can’t leave yourself alone, can you?! Stand up straight!” I yanked her in to the middle of the room “You stand right there” I sat myself on the edge of the couch and gave her my sternest look.
“Carrie, this is really a betrayal of trust. I trusted you to look after my kids and to leave my things alone. I happen to know this isn’t the first time you’ve done this. I’m not stupid, and I know when my possessions have been disturbed. I should tell the rest of the family about this don’t you think?” That last got to her. I watched her freeze and blanch while the implications sank in.

“Noo! Please Uncle Nick!! Please don’t do that!! I would just die!!”
“Well, what do you propose that I should do?”
“You could… I guess you could, um … punish me?”
“Punish you how?”
“You could, you know, … spank me” Her voice fell to a whisper on the last two words and I watched her tug the hem of her pajama top. Her nipples made hard points against the fabric. “You could spank my ass.”
“Your ass, eh? Turn around and show it to me”

Slowly she turned and presented her full, creamy ass to me. She looked over her shoulder, nervously sucking her bottom lip while her left hand still played around the top of her thigh, inches from her cunt.

“So you think I should spank your ass. You just think I’m going to play with you, give you a couple of swats and let you skip off. I don’t think so. That would just be a waste of my time. ” I pulled out my cell phone. “I think I’m just going to call your parents and let them decide what to do with you”

“Oh god ! no no no Uncle Nick! You can do it hard! I know I deserve it!! Just don’t call them!”
“You deserve it huh? Damn right you do. But I think I want to hear you beg me for it.”
“Please, please please Uncle Nick Please don’t call my parents and please spank my ass as hard as you want.”
“Get over here, Carrie. Get yourself over here and get across my knee” She turned back towards me and shuffled forward, eyes down. Her breathing was heavy and at the last minute she seemed to hold back, so I reached out and roughly pulled her on to my lap.

“I’m through joking around!” I threw the pajama top up over her back. Her head hung down and there on my lap was her round gorgeous ass

Her breasts were flattened against my left thigh and she was trembling. I laid my left arm along her back and stroked her ass with my right hand. Then, without warning I quickly cracked her across the rump.

She jerked and gasped. Without a pause I began to methodically spank her, alternating heavy hits on either cheek with swats down the middle. As her ass reddened I could hear her whimpering. The sound made me even more determined to make sure she was thoroughly humiliated.

“So you like reading dirty magazines huh? ” I paused to grab the one she had left open on the couch: ” What about this one? Guess you liked it since you were jerking off to it You like looking at other girls?”
“Y-yes Uncle Nick. OW!” I was steadily pounding her ass now and despite her yelp I felt her wiggling around in my lap, trying to find the right spot to rub her cunt against. I held my hand above her ass and felt the heat come off her angry pink skin.

“Suppose you tell me what the girls are doing in those pictures that you like so much”
“Licking each other’s pussies”
“What? Don’t mumble!”
“OW!! They’re licking each other’s pussies!”

“So that’s what you like huh? You like looking at girls eating pussy? You want to do that? With your friends?” While I emphasized each phrase with a blow to her behind, my other hand found it’s way to her cunt. As soon as she felt me at her entrance she slid back, impaling her self on my two first fingers.
“Yes sir, I think about it all the time. I…” She groaned at the fingers working inside her. I spit on her asscrack and worked my thumb around her butt hole. It sank home and I began slowly working my hand back and forth, enjoying the feeling of the thin membrane that separated my thumb and fingers. The juice of her cunt coated my hand.

“Oh Uncle Nnickk. OH that feels…ohh I like that…both my holes…”
“Yeah, Carrie, both your holes are full now.”
“OH yeahhh I gues that makes me a..”
“Makes you what?”
“A slut .. makes me a slut…”
“Oh yeah?”SMACK! “Then say it louder!”
“OWWW! THAT MAKES ME A SLUT!!” Her cunt was sopping and my hand was sliding deeper as my fingers worked inside her. Like a metronome I beat on the tortured cheeks of her ass. I could sense she was close to cumming. I started to hit her on every other word I said:

“Yeah Carrie I guess you are a slut, a horny, little slut. And here is what you are going to do. Next time you come over here you are not allowed to look at any magazines of mine. You have to bring your own. You will go to the porn store and you will ask the man at the counter to help you. You will say to him that you like to look at pictures of lesbians fucking while you play with your pussy and you ask him to give you some good magazines like that. You will thank him, and then you will bring them here and you will read every story in them to me. Do you understand me?” The tears were starting in her eyes and her ass and cunt were convulsing around and my hand.

“Yes Uncle Nick!!! Yes I…” With a gurgled growl she clamped her thighs around my hand and the her beautiful ass began shaking with the intensity of her coming. I gave her a few more hard hits to finish her off, my dick painfully hard in my jeans. She collapsed onto my lap and began to draw deep sobbing breaths. I slid my hand from her cunt and cupped her cheeks marveling at the bruises that were just beginning to rise to their surface. I raised her head and slowly kissed her, feeding her my tongue.

She was a bad girl alright.

But she wasn’t a baby sitter. And she wasn’t my niece. She was my pal Carrie, and the story about the porn magazines and everything else was one that she had confessed to me under duress one evening when I was grilling her about her deepest fantasy. She had thought about it for years, and had thought it would be hot. And me, well I’m always happy to help.

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